Sunday, April 26, 2015

Warriors Open Round 1 With A Sweep

The first series came to an end last night for the opening round of the playoffs as Golden State beat New Orleans last night 109-98. This concluded a sweep for the first round as Golden State won the three previous games. 

This series was not the typical sweep however as New Orleans played well every game in the series and should have won game 3, if not for a miracle performed by Steph Curry. One good thing that came out of the series for New Orleans is that Anthony Davis asserted himself as one of the best players in the NBA. He was dominant in the whole series, and it was not his fault that New Orleans came up short.

This series was more of testament to just how good that Golden State really is than to a sub performance from New Orleans. Golden State's offense appeared to be clicking on all cylinders this series. If basketball spectators have learned anything, it is that a team that is playing as efficient as the Warriors are on offense is very tough to beat. We learned this by watching the final series last year with the Spurs and the Heat.

Time will only tell whether the Warriors can continue this stretch of offensive genius or if it was only for a series.


  1. Needless to say Steph Curry is an animal. He just plays a whole different game out there. I remember watching him in college, but I never thought he would explode into a superstar like this.

  2. He may not be the best player right now, but give it a couple years and I believe Steph Curry will be the best player in the game.