Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lillard Comes Alive to Help Blazers Win First Game of Series

Damian Lillard was phenomenal last night, to put it mildly. Lillard erupted for 32 points last night as the Trail Blazers faced elimination and the shame of being swept at home by the Memphis Grizzlies. If Memphis would have come away with the win it would have been the first sweep in franchise history.

Lillard's previous game high for points in the series had only been 22, and a big reason was because Mike Conley Jr. had played great defense against him in the first three games of the series. Conley Jr. did not play last night after sustaining an injury in game 3 when he took a shot in the face. He actually just had surgery yesterday and is expected need at least 48 hours to allow the swelling to go down until he could possibly be back on the floor.

Game 5 will be held at Memphis and is scheduled for tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. central time. It will be huge if Conley Jr. can return for the Grizz but even if he is unable to Memphis is a tough team to beat at home. The Trailblazers would need another phenomenal game for Lillard to have a chance at extending the series.


  1. I do not follow the NBA at all, the only time I see anything is the clips I occasionally catch on SportsCenter. I am curious who will win the Championship this year. Do you think either of these teams have a chance to go all the way?

  2. While I'm familiar with nothing of NBA, I'm going to assume, safely it seems, that this was a pretty impressive achievement for Lillard.

  3. That crossover to reverse lay-up though! Lillard is an Animal!